Like fashion, exhibits are a playing field for expression and creative indulgences. Both act as external representations of who we are as individuals. They serve as the motivation for visual feedback from observers about our personalities and inclinations as a society. Exhibit381’s name is inspired by the world of art and the machinations of numerology, an endless thread that binds the relationship between numbers and letters to provide an enduring message. Founded by 2 art-loving fashion enthusiast sisters, EXHIBIT381 is the first stop for any inspiring fashion curator. Offering a space that allows individuals to take charge of their lives and embrace their unique quirks, our merchandise encourages women to be fearless and revel in their natural sex appeal. We believe that confidence on a woman always looks the best and our products speak to this.

“The Collector Girl”

United by the desire for the latest forward-thinking trends, our customers enjoy the exclusive status and accessibility of Exhibit381 as “The Collector.” Our girl is a curious trendsetter in search of the most coveted stylish items. She is not defined by age; instead The Collector Girl is defined by her attitude. She is style-conscious, independent, and has an insatiable appetite for art & culture; addicted to fashion but not dictated by it. Self-assured, she works hard and knows how to enjoy herself thoroughly. She is the unrelenting modern-day woman.